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Musician's Open Jam Night - Every Wednesday at 8 PM with Charlie and The Poor Boys

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Charlie and The Poor Boys are the official house band of The Getaway Pub.

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The Getaway Pub is dedicated to the advancement and exposure of musicians and music bands of all genre. We sponsor a Musician's Open Jam Night every Wednesday night where musicians are welcome to join others on stage in an open and relaxed environment designed to inspire and stimulate the creative spirit and encourage the participation of musicians who would, otherwise, be playing "in the closet". We invite musicians from all walks to join us on Wednesday nights for our Musician's Open Jam Night and experience the excitement and enjoyment of performing on stage for... perhaps the first time. We encourage the promotion of bands and performers who have been to The Getaway Pub and those that have contributed to the advancement of music and musicians everywhere. Please visit these bands web sites and support them wherever they play.

Beer and Chips   Charlie and the Poor Boys

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